Alertnative Content Here Outdoor Flooring—better known as decking—for single family homes or condos is ready for an upgrade. Far to long, instead of the natural beauty of an outdoor floor, surface options have been limited to traditional composite decking boards, wood and plastics. Not only have they limited the visual beauty of natural outdoor spaces but they often come with maintenance requirements. If an upgrade to stone or tile is a consideration, it to comes with it's own issues: engineering for heavy load conditions and a not-so-dependable reputation for durability over time with cracking-popping tile and failing grout joints.

The GRATEDEX® system—pronounced GREAT-DECKS—is your best choice for zero maintenance, maximum durability and lasting beauty. Gone are the annual wood deck treatments to rejuvenate the aging decking or frustration over the now, not-so-new-looking artificial decking.

Imagine the transformation the GRATEDEX® Outdoor Floor System™ will bring to your outdoor living space, your family deck, condo balcony overlooking your favorite view, rooftop terrace or outdoor entertainment room. You, your family and friends will experience the difference; natural stone or tile of your choice.

This is only possible with the engineered components of the GRATEDEX® Outdoor Floor System™. System assembly provides a strong substrate on which your thin gauge stone or porcelain tile, or paver grade material can be glue-bonded or dry-laid to create a new natural decking surface. And all without the use of traditional cement based mortars grouts or adhesives.

And even better, there is no need to rebuild. The Outdoor Floor System™ is a strong light-weight deck underlayment assembly. No structural changes are required in most cases; direct fasten to joist framing or float over a simple uniform-slope waterproofing surface. GRATEDEX® supports the ancient beauty of stone decking in outdoor living spaces that wouldn't normally support the weight of a stone deck material.
Here's how this might work to retrofit your old wood deck.
STEP 1: Remove old decking material—deck boards—and inspect the existing wood framing for structural integrity. Be sure the structure is ready to support a new deck material.

STEP 2: Attach the new GRATEDEX® GX01 Floor Plank to the framing. Stainless steel fasteners and screws provided. Cut to fit as required.

STEP 3: Surface with stone, tile or pavers for a stone deck, tile deck or paver deck. Get creative! Select the stone or tile of your choice from your local supplier. Apply the Hold—Tite® adhesive for a glue—bond installation or dry—lay paver grade material. No grouting allowing water to drain through to the surface below.

STEP 4: Relax and enjoy your outdoor living space and new GRATEDEX® Outdoor Floor System™.
Check out the GRATEDEX® System Packages to find the best assembly for your site conditions.
For commercial, multiuser, mixed use, pedestal applications, see the elePHOOT® System.
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